Thursday, 17 November 2016

R4 working in R8

R4 have been working with Mrs Ashe in R8 on our Rainbow Fish
Please come back tomorrow to check out our pictures and leave a positive,thoughtful and helpful comment.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Making Mixtures And Observing Changes

During Science Week Rooms One, Four, Six and Seven spent Tuesday - Friday afternoons in each others' classrooms learning about science. When the classes visited Room Four we looked at materials and the way they can change. 

We began by looking at mixtures. We looked at a selection of fruit that had been cut into pieces and noted some changes after the fruit had been cut. For example, we saw that the apple had become brown and that the kiwifruit slice had lost some juice because it had leaked out. 

We put the different pieces of fruit together to make a mixture and noted that the individual pieces in the mixture could still be separated out. 

We then worked in groups to look at different materials including coffee, Milo, sea salt, Raro powder and water, noting their properties (colour, shine, smell, texture and shape) before they were mixed. Daniel, Astyn, Galila and Vaha thought that the Raro powder was 'crystally' and they noticed that the water was transparent. 

When we mixed the water and Raro the powder dissolved into the water. Some of us thought it had disappeared but we knew it was still there because the water changed colour. Trelia from Room Six explained that "when the powder was mixed in, it stayed in the would look clear if it goes away."

Room Seven students discussed how mixtures can be changed back (reversible change) or not (irreversible change). One of the students, having observed a mixture of sand and water, said the materials could be separated by using filter paper. We thought about how irreversible change might occur during cooking. 

You could involve your children in the kitchen and see what irreversible or reversible changes you notice when baking or cooking dinner together. Let us know what you discover by commenting on our blog below!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Futsal Fun

Today was our second session of Futsal with coach Martin. He is pleased that our skills are improving and we are starting to work as a team. Some of us need to remember that it's not the same as soccer and we need short, controlled kicking. 

It is fun playing an indoor ball game when the weather is wet. We'll keep you posted on how the rest of our sessions go!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Congratulations Rafael!

Congratulations to Rafael for presenting a wonderful speech on Friday to the whole school. Rafael presented his speech with clarity and confidence, choosing our unsung heroes the police as his topic. 

All the students in Room Four worked hard to write their own speeches and presented them with confidence in class. It was pleasing to see such progress from last year and it was very difficult to choose the finalists. Well done to everyone for such a great effort.